Patient Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Buckhead Mohs Surgical Center, LLC (BMSC) recognizes and respects human rights. No patient of BMSC shall be deprived of any rights, benefits, or privileges guaranteed by law, the Constitution of the State, or the Constitution of the United States. Individuals shall be accorded impartial access to care regardless of race, creed, sex or national origin.
  2. It is the policy of BMSC that it patients and/or their representatives may exercise their rights without fear of reprisal.
  3. BMSC prides itself on restoring human dignity by treating all patients with respect and politeness. We feel privileged to have been chosen to participate in our patient's care.
  4. BMSC respects patient's right to privacy in his/her medical and personal care program. Patient records, care discussions, consultation, examination and treatments shall be held in strict confidence and shall be conducted discreetly. These are only released upon the patient's written request or as required by law. If the patient is unable to give consent, the patient must be accompanied by an individual with a Power of Attorney for the patient.
  5. BMSC and all its providers instruct its patients on their condition, prognosis, therapeutic options and preventive measures to the degree these are known and understood by the medical community. BMSC will also provide, upon request, information regarding the company, its providers and its services.
  6. BMSC will request patients participate actively in treatment decisions. To the extent permitted by law, this includes the right to refuse treatment and the right to change his/her provider if other qualified providers are available. The patient's refusal of treatment will free BMSC from obligation to provide treatment.
  7. The patient has the right to know that in the event of an emergency it may be necessary to transfer their care to another qualified provider, whether or not such a provider is an employee of BMSC.
  8. BMSC will provide patients, upon request, an itemized copy of his/her bill, along with payment policies. The source of payment shall be confidential. Upon request, patients will also be provided a list of services provided and associated fees. BMSC has policies and procedures in place to assure marketing and advertising is not misleading.
  9. Patients of BMSC have the right to refuse to participate in experimental research.
  10. Patients of BMSC have the right to be informed in advance of their procedure date that BMSC does not honor Advance Directives.
  11. BMSC is committed to providing excellent surgical care in a setting of warmth and compassion. Should we fall short of our mission, we encourage patients to bring it to our attention. Patients, clients, families or visitors have the right to express complaints or concerns about any aspect of their care or experience with BMSC. Please be assured that expressing a concern or complaint will not compromise patient care and will be addressed according to our policy. Concerns may be directed to any Department Head or the Practice Administrator, or you may mail your comments to us at: 3525 Piedmont Road NE, Bldg. 6, Ste. 220 Atlanta, GA 30305

Complaints may also be shared with the following:

Department of Community Health Healthcare Facility Regulation Division 2 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 31-144 Atlanta, Georgia 30303 404-656-4507

Patients who are Medicare Beneficiaries may also contact the Office of the Medicare Beneficiaries Ombudsman:

Patient Responsibilities:

  1. BMSC expects patients to provide accurate and complete information concerning his/her present complaints, past medical history and other matters relating to their health.
  2. BMSC requires patients to make it known whether he/she clearly comprehends the course of treatment and what is expected of him/her.
  3. BMSC expects patients to follow the treatment plan established by the physician, including the instructions of nurses and other health care professionals as they carry out the physician's orders.
  4. BMSC expects patients to provide a responsible adult to drive them home and stay with them 24 hours after surgery, if required by the physician.
  5. BMSC expects patients to promptly accept financial responsibility for any charges not covered by his/her insurance.
  6. BMSC expects that its property, staff and other patients and their family be treated courteously and with respect. Patients must adhere to these responsibilities.